Shimmy Shimmy!

I did my first music magazine shoot in a year and a half today. I had been nervous about it since getting the commission last week & was apparently looking extremely preoccupied last night, as my friends Dave & Nikolina kept asking me if I was okay! My head was full images of album covers, iconic shots of my favourite bands, but also a grim fear of not being able to create the shots when it counted. I turned up this morning at “ShimmyRiver And And Canal’s” studio in Seven Sisters & soon remembered that aside from relying on reference shots, you have to make something out of the situation & scenery you are given; be it summer heat, biting cold (it was), industrial grunge, rolling fields, or even a back yard with a towering, rusting corrugated metal shed by an iron fence. It was fun photographing Shimmy, we got on well and I walked away feeling happy with the shoot. Hopefully I won’t be as nervous before the next one!




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