Egg on Face

There are lots of photos with people stuffing their faces with whatever they’ve picked up for their lunch break snack. Or people walking through parks dressed in their Sunday Best, fork in chip, chip in mouth, ketchup on chin. I’m not sure why I also take these shots or why I find them amusing, but eating out in public places whilst on the move is, perhaps wrongly, something that I’ve come to associate with British life. After photographing Matthew Wing, a luthier based in Seven Sisters, I bought myself a sandwich from the first place I saw. The lady behind the counter crammed on as much egg mayo as she possibly could with her spatula, as if she was trying to rid any evidence of it’s existence on the fillings list. I raced to the tube station, sat down in the train and started to devour it, only for half of it’s contents to ooze onto my chin. The egg mayo, with it’s liquid concrete consistency clung on for dear life, maintaining it’s newfound territory whilst I reached into my pocket for a tissue to smear it off. As I looked up I caught an expression of disgust on the face of the elderly lady opposite me. I’m not sure which of the two of us would have made the better shot, but I wished I could have been sitting a few chairs away with a camera rather than egg mayo covering my face. 

Matthew Wing 

  Matthew Wing

Matthew Wing


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