Before this course I used to go out and grab shots. I wasn’t sure what they were going to be of, but I was the one who decided when to click at that moment of realisation.

These days I find my increasing motivation being leveled off by a steadily decreasing rate of photo taking. I walk past my subject everyday and have some the pictures I want in my mind. Now it’s all about access and contacts. I’m relying on families moving house and the generosity of Robert at the council to let me know when they have done so.

I sincerely hope that the residents of the Heygate will benefit from this whole regeneration thing. Do they anticipate new beginnings which give them reason for leaving certain things behind, like photos, toys, toothbrushes, televisions and beds? I’d like to think that the abandoned objects and spaces I’m photograping are all just building blocks to better lives. And I hope that whoever lived in 126 Claydon isn’t missing that set of photographs they left behind that I’ve collected as part of my project. Sorry dudes.






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