Looking For a Change of Fortune?

Hong Kong, though geographically small, never fails to surprise me with it’s eclectic range of solutions for resolving the numerous superstitions embedded within local culture.

If you fail to feel fully armed against the elements after spending a few thousand Dollars on having your home or office Feng Shui’d, you might want to consider having your eye brows plucked for added peace of mind.

The head plucker describes how much you will prosper following your visit and you may even feel your burdens lessened as your eyebrows join the thousands of others that came to their ends on the shop floor. DIY pluckers beware, as you will get a telling off if she detects your efforts to disguise hair growth.

I was invited along by a few friends who all became multi millionairesses during the course of their treatments. I, however, remain a thick browed pauper.

Due to rain earlier in the day I only came equipped with my phone camera. Note the customers’ before and after shots that adorn the walls.




Through the looking glass


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