Graham Nash & Jeff Ament

I was lucky enough to be bought tickets for 2 days at Hard Rock Calling by some great friends as a joint birthday gift. Amazing!

Two of the bands I saw have members who are also very much involved with photography. Graham Nash, of Crosby Stills and Nash (above), opened the first digital fine art digital print gallery in the world and Jeff Ament, of Pearl Jam, has shot much of their and other bands’ album art.

I bumped into Graham Nash yesterday on Oxford Street, the day after I and 50,000 other people had heard him play, in my opinion at least, some of the greatest songs ever written. I failed to mention that me, my brother and cousins performed his composition “Our House” during a family member’s wedding banquet in Hong Kong last year. Probably for the best…

Please check out these Graham Nash photography related links:

And these on Jeff Ament’s Photography:

And most importantly, a huge thanks goes to my friends who made the weekend the best of the year so far.


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