Brixton Riot Club

I had Christina and Alex staying with me during last week’s unrest, but managed to sneak out with my mate Greg after getting back from Chiara’s flat in Camden. As we approached Brixton Water Lane, we saw a stream of people with looted goods on their heads and dragging over sized plasma screen boxes along the streets. Clearly one would have normally chosen free delivery and installation when purchasing one of these, but this was an occasion that called for the express hand courier option.

Some looters were fortunate enough to be offered lifts when passing motorists noticed how they were struggling with the weight of their bounties. Or were they undercover cops? That would have been a funny twist. One guy kindly suggested I go and get a plasma screen for myself, as Currys was only 5 minutes away.

This shot was taken on Effra Road at 2.55am and shows someone sitting on a bin, whilst a police helicopter hovers above a line of riot police.

Greg and I left shortly after, when a group of people decided it would be a great idea to throw broken paving stones at the police. The rest of the crowd we had seen before would have been home by this point; tucked up in bed and watching the events unfurl across London live on their new flat screens. Wonder what they made of it all…


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