Photo in Daily Telegraph pictures of the day selection

It was a busy Sunday morning at Art Basel, so I had to wait over 30 minutes for someone to lean into this sculpture and then for no-one to to walk past at the same time and spoil the frame. Many people passed by and leaned in quickly but then I’d notice another person just coming into the frame or someone walking out. Two people stood in front of the camera chatting for a few mins while another person leaned in, followed by a huge crowd of people passing by…

Well it worked out in the end. I guess most pictures do if you have the patience and wait long enough. What looks like a quiet peaceful moment lasted only a few seconds before the man in the photo walked off again, so I’m glad I was already holding the camera up and not looking away. Nice surprise to see it in the Daily Telegraph’s pictures of the day feed today.

Taken on Canon 5D III with my favourite lens, the 50mm f1.2.


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